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Being a small operation, the Center for Law and Justice appreciates the people who volunteer their time to support our office operations, programs, and events, as well as students who want to gain experience with us. Volunteers are considered the same as full-time staff and make substantive contributions to the center’s goals and missions. While the Center for Law and Justice has ongoing partnerships with Albany Medical College, UAlbany’s Community Public Service Program (CPSP), and Albany Law School to recruit students interested in criminal justice reform, health services in underserved populations, or those interested in doing community service in the South End, the center welcomes anyone interested in getting involved with our work and benefits from the wide varieties of skills individual volunteers bring to the table.


Internships with the Center for Law and Justice are catered towards a student’s program requirements and professional goals. In general, apart from some level of office work or programming, interns would be assigned to either client-based tasks or supporting our legal consultations. In many cases over the course of the internship, students will have completed a single project, start to finish, like managing and monitoring the center’s social media impact, or produced a deliverable, such as an information guide, report, or program proposal.

The Center for Law and Justice could especially use interns and volunteers with a background in:

  • Social work

  • Public Health

  • Criminal justice

  • Pre-law/Law

  • Social media management

  • Grant writing

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