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About Us

The Center for Law and Justice was founded by Dr. Alice Green in 1985. For the past 30-plus years, the Center has served low-income and disadvantaged communities in the Capital Region through services, education, and advocacy.

The Center for Law and Justice envisions a peaceful, just, and compassionate community that provides each resident with equal access to that community's goods, services, and opportunities. It also seeks the fair and just treatment of all people throughout the civil and criminal justice systems and works to reduce reliance upon incarceration.

One of the primary components of the Center for Law and Justice is facilitating the successful transition into their community. The Center strives to educate the community to embrace the entire spectrum of issues encompassed in re-entry, including transition services, The Center also plays a significant role in identifying and alleviating individual, social, and institutional barriers to re-entry.

The Center for Law and Justice employs four significant strategies to accomplish its objectives: prevention and empowerment, community education and outreach, advocacy, and community organizing.


Our Mission

The Center for Law and Justice advances community understanding of the legal/political system and advocates for equal justice.

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