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Legislative Advocacy

Letters to the

 Legislative Priorities 

Second Look Act (A531/S321)

Grants incarcerated persons the opportunity to have their sentence reexamined and potentially reduced by a different judge after completing a certain amount of their sentence.

Act to ensure the rights of incarcerated persons and their families (A8364/S7772)

 Would conform our carceral policies closer to our human rights obligations, increase protections against solitary confinement, increase access to food and proper clothing, and codify rights to visitation.

Act to remove the lifetime ban on jury duty for persons convicted of felonies (A1432A/S206A)

This act would bring our community closer to the ideal of being tried by a jury of one's peers. 

Marvin Mayfield Act, to eliminate mandatory minimums (A2036B/S6471)

Mandatory minimum sentences and three-strikes laws perpetuate mass incarceration and are discriminatory in practice. The Marvin Mayfield Act which would abolish both practices.

Challenging Wrongful Convictions Act (A10131/S9198)

Would expand grounds for the justification of a motion to vacate judgment. This bill would also allow individuals to submit a motion to vacate judgment based on the decriminalization of the prior charge.

Act to authorize voting for  all incarcerated individuals

This constitutional amendment would make New York State the fourth jurisdiction to allow incarcerated individuals to vote while incarcerated; joining Vermont, Maine, and D.C.

Treatment not Jail Act (A1263B/S1976

Expands eligibility for judicial diversion to individuals with a variety of functional impairments, expands eligible offenses, and increases protections for individuals undergoing treatment in a judicial diversion program.

Fair and Timely Parole Act (A162/S307)

Creates multiple new classes of evidence an individual may present to a parole board in support of their release. Requires that the parole board not only or primarily consider the nature of the crime when making a determination.

Act to abolish slavery for persons convicted of a crime (A3412C/S225C)

 Ends the practice of using forced labor as a punishment for a crime.

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