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The Alice Moore Black Arts and Cultural Center (AMBACC) is a non-profit community-based organization located in Albany, New York’s South End Neighborhood. The Center provides opportunities and space for artistic and cultural-related activities and events including community conversations and exhibits for all ages.


AMBACC is located in the center of an historic area of great significance to the City’s Black population. As envisioned, the Center is working to become a vibrant hub for art, culture, civic programming and events related to the Black experience in Albany and surrounding communities.


Under the guidance of highly experienced, knowledgeable, respected, and committed community leaders and residents, the Center will attract high quality art, culture, and civic involvements to benefit and uplift the spirit of all it reaches.

Our Mission 

Advance the appreciation of Black art and culture, foster artistic and cultural expression, and serves as a dynamic community hub.

MLK Kick-Off Celebration - 1/15/2024

First Community Meeting - 2/8/2024

MLK Kick-Off Celebration - 1/15/2024

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