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Reparative Justice 2017

The Center for Law and Justice (CFLJ), in partnership with Drug Policy Alliance, NYC is leading a campaign for Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation, which is aligned with our overall goal of Reparative Justice in New York State. The campaign seeks to address, acknowledge, and atone for and act upon the harms that communities of color have faced as a result of past, failed drug policies, including the war on drugs. In an effort to build a cross-system coalition of organizations and individuals that will operate from a racial justice and community-centered perspective to repair the harms of mass incarceration in New York State.
In kicking off our campaign, CFLJ conducted 7 community conversations surrounding reparative justice later this month. In order for us, and other organizations, to successfully aid in repairing the harms done by the War on Drugs/Mass Incarceration, we must hear from those who are directly impacted. The purpose of the community conversation is to 1) educate the community on the harms of the War on Drugs/Mass Incarceration; 2) Hear stories from individuals in the community; 3) Work together to operate from a racial justice and community-centered perspective. 
During the community conversation we will be looking for community members/leaders who are interested in being a part of this initiative. Additionally, we are looking for individuals who are interested in the collection of signatures and/or legislation portion of the campaign.