220 Green St., Albany, NY 12202 cflj@verizon.net 518.427.8361


What we do

The Center for Law and Justice offers non-residential assistance and support to meet the needs of individuals with criminal convictions and/or incarceration experience. Efforts are made to connect these individuals to key community resources and services. The program strives to reduce the state’s overreliance on incarceration and promotes equal access to legal rights and resources for all persons, regardless  of conviction status.

The CFLJ is available to provide the following assistance:

–Individual and group-based advocacy

–Referrals for treatment and human services

–“On Your Own” (a resource guide for individuals transitioning back into the community)

–Educational Referrals

–Employment/Training referrals

–Legal Information

Our office is located at 220 Green Street, Albany, NY. Although this is our physical address, mail correspondence should be sent to the Pine West Plaza Building 2, Washington Ave Extension, Albany, NY 12205.

Group Based Advocacy

The New Jim Crow Book Club

Participate in the New Jim Crow Study Group every second Monday of the month. Held at the African American Cultural Center, 135 South Pearl Street, at 6:15pm.