The Disproportionate Impact of the Criminal Justice System on People of Color in the Capital Region (full report) Executive Summary: This report, the first in a series of three by the Center for Law and Justice examining the impact of federal, state and local criminal justice system practices on minorities in the Capital Region, details the overrepresentation of minorities among Capital […]

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Elderly Population on the rise in Prisons

Number of Older Inmates Grows, Stressing Prisons This New York Times article summarizes the Human Rights Watch Report, which examines the inability for the prison healthcare system to sustain the needs of the growing elderly population. The report questions the philosophy behind the state paying to keep people in prison that are physically unable to commit crimes. To read the […]

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Bill to Expand DNA Database

A bill recently passed by the senate requires all convicted criminals to submit a DNA sample. Some supporters of this bill believe that it could potentially help prevent crimes, while other supporters believe that a database of DNA samples could help exonerate those who are wrongfully convicted. However, many others see the futility and potential dangers of such a system, […]

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