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For the past 30 years, the Center for Law and Justice, Inc., a tax-exempt community-based organization, has provided quality criminal justice education, advocacy, and public policy analyses, primarily for the Capital District community. Throughout this time, we have been at the forefront of identifying and raising important criminal justice issues and working to find solutions to the social problems that beset our community. Last year we served more than 4,000 residents who needed legal guidance, criminal justice information, referrals and other empowering services. We did all of this with extremely limited financial resources and the valuable assistance and support of college interns, volunteers and members.

The Center for Law and Justice will continue to assist our organization in its efforts to continue our mission to support the fair and just treatment of all people throughout the civil and criminal justice systems and to reduce societal reliance upon incarceration. By becoming a member, your support increases our capacity to provide the following services that strengthen communities and assist formerly incarcerated individuals in successfully transitioning into mainstream society:

–Free criminal justice and legal resources

–Public education and bold leadership in identifying and seeking solutions to social problems

–Monitoring and critical analysis of public policy

–Recommendations for policy and procedural changes to protect and promote the civil rights of all community residents

Your support is essential to our organization’s ability to serve individuals, families, and communities in the Capital District Region.


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