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Center for Law and Justice Receives Grant from the New York Bar Foundation

Albany, NY- The Center for Law and Justice is pleased to announce that on February 17, 2017, it was awarded a $1,500 grant from the New York Bar Foundation in order to support the publication of the Center’s “Connections” resource guide. The forthcoming “Connections” publication is a reimagining of the Center’s long published “On Your Own” resource guide, which has served as an invaluable resource for the Capital District for over a decade. “Connections” will continue the legacy of “On Your Own” by providing an extensive directory of community, social, and legal resources available in the Capital District. Like “On Your Own,” “Connections” will also provide information specifically targeted toward individuals who are transitioning from a period of detention in prison or jail to reentry into the Capital District. This information will include sections on parole, probation, employment, and the rights of those with a criminal conviction. Furthermore, the new “Connections” publication will contain information and topics not previously included in “On Your Own,” as well as updated resource information.  Among this new information will be a greatly expanded “Health” section, which will coincide with the Center for Law and Justice’s push towards more health-based initiatives.


The New York Bar Foundation is a nonprofit, philanthropic organization that was established in 1950 and provides financial support through grants in order to support the law-related programs of legal services organizations, nonprofits, bar associations and other organizations in New York State. These grants are awarded in order to further the Foundation’s goals of promoting and advancing: service to the public, improvements in the administration of justice, legal research and education, high standards of professional ethics, and public understanding of legal heritage.  The Foundation is supported by charitable contributions from individuals, law firms, and corporations, as well as other entities.

For more information contact the Center for Law and Justice by phone at 518-427-8361 or email Nicholas Connolly at nickcflj@gmail.com.


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