National Council of Non Profits New Letter

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This bi-weekly newsletter on public policy issues affecting nonprofits is provided as a benefit of membership in the New York Council of Nonprofits, part of the state association network of the National Council of Nonprofits. Click Here for News Letter.


In Our Own Voices, Inc. Feb. – March 2016

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In honor of Black History Month, IOOV is highlighting  icon
Octavia St. Laurent.  1964 – 2009



Governor Cuomo Announces Criminal Justice Reforms in State of the State Address

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Governor Cuomo Announces Criminal Justice Reforms in State of the State Address  


Governor Cuomo called for new priorities in criminal justice in his State of the State address yesterday saying, “One of our nation’s greatest challenges is stopping the cycle of incarceration.” On Sunday, he unveiled the “Right Priorities” proposal as part of his 2016 agenda designed to reduce the number of people entering and returning to jail and prison and ease barriers to reintegration.

Investing in Higher Education for people in NYS Prisons

With a five-year $7.5 million investment of criminal forfeiture funds obtained by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr., the state will fund college-level educational programs at select New York State prisons. Incarcerated individuals who meet certain eligibility criteria will receive college-level instruction as well as transition support to continue their education post-release. We know that education in prison improves public safety by reducing recidivism and increasing the likelihood of people finding employment upon release, but it also has less tangible benefits. College programs provide people in prison with the opportunity to better understand their place in the world and how they might contribute to it. They offer a way to make meaning in one’s life in a place often disregards the humanity of the individuals housed there.

This important initiative will expand access to higher education to hundreds of people in New York’s prisons, but more must be done. CCA, as a lead member of the Education from the Inside Out (EIO) Coalition, remains committed to the belief that all people have the right to and deserve access to higher education. As this initiative demonstrates success over the next five years, we look forward to legislative action to fully restore eligibility for Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) grants for people in New York prisons.


Raising the Age of Criminal Responsibility

For the second time, Governor Cuomo has included Raise the Age legislation in his budget and his State of the State priorities saying New York has been “quicker to find a 16-year-old a jail cell than a job interview, and that is just wrong.” New York remains one of only two states in the country where 16- and 17-year-olds are automatically prosecuted as adults, which has been shown to increase the likelihood of further criminal justice system involvement and reduce public safety. As a lead member of the Raise the Age New York campaign, CCA urges the legislature to comprehensively Raise the Age and treat all 16- and 17-year-olds in a developmentally appropriate way – as juveniles.
Increasing Funding for Alternatives to Incarceration


Governor Cuomo will invest $1 million dollars to expand and modernize alternative to incarceration (ATI) programs. As the first sentencing advocacy program in New York State, CCA has long promoted the benefits of alternatives to incarceration. We recognize and are committed to demonstrating the need for such programs, their importance to public safety, and their ability to cut costs. As a member of the ATI/Reentry Coalition, CCA looks forward to additional ATI funding from New York State so that people ensnared in the criminal justice system can receive the services they need in the least restrictive setting possible so as not to destabilize families and communities.



CCA is a nonprofit organization that promotes reintegrative justice and reducing society’s reliance on incarceration. Our programs are far less costly than prison and proven to increase public safety, as they help participants live safe, healthy lives and avoid re-arrest. www.communityalternatives.org

Workforce3 One Newsletter Volume 11 No. 1

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Workforce3 One Community,

Featured in this issue:

·         WIOA-Related TA Resources in 2015

·         New Pre-Apprenticeship Resources Available

·         WSS in 2015: Most Popular Profiles

·         New Year, New Employment Projections!

·         Inside Workforce3 One: Webinars

We encourage you to explore these resources and share one of your own innovative ideas with your colleagues across the country. To do that, click here.

WIOA-Related TA Resources in 2015

2015 has been a busy year for Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) implementation. Throughout the year, the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) has developed numerous technical assistance (TA) resources to assist state and local workforce staff and their partners as they implement the new law. Make sure you check out the Innovation and Opportunity (ION) webpage for all of these great resources, and stay tuned for what’s next in 2016!

·         ION Roadmap to Transformation Change

·         Six Quick Start Action Planners (QSAPs): Partnerships; State Leadership and Governance; One-Stop Center Service Design; Youth Services Strategies; Local Leadership and Governance; and Eligible Training Provider Requirements

·         Four Blogs: ApprenticeshipUSA and WIOA: Increasing Opportunities for U.S. Workers; A New Way of Looking at Customer Service (CCD); The Future is Now!; and, There are no Passengers on this Mission; We’re all Crew

·         Two Discussions: What are some ways that you are increasing or strengthening partnerships with community colleges and economic development in your state or local area?; and, What are some ways that you are increasing or strengthening partnerships with core program areas (e.g. adult ed., voc. rehab) in your state or local area?

·         12 Voices of Experience Videos: Advancing Apprenticeship as a Workforce Solution; CCD; Employer Engagement; Happy Anniversary WIOA!; Local One-Stop Partnerships; State Leadership in Action; State One-Stop Partnerships; Strategic Local Boards; Transforming the Workforce; WIOA from a Business Prospective; Message from the Secretary of Labor; and, Youth Service Strategies

·         Nine Podcasts: Business Services; Customer-Centered Design Part 1 & 2; Sector Strategies; Serving Targeted Populations- Disconnected Youth; Serving Targeted Populations- Individuals with Disabilities; Talent Development Strategies; The Value of Evaluation for Continuous Improvement; and, Using Data to Drive Decision Making

·         33 WIOA-Related Advisories

New Pre-Apprenticeship Resources Available


The Office of Apprenticeship (OA) has just released a suite of exciting new Pre-Apprenticeship resources! OA recently launched a Pre-Apprenticeship webpage and a just-issued downloadable guide designed to support your efforts to expand quality pre-apprenticeship programs and opportunities for women. The Pre-Apprenticeship: Pathways for Women into High-Wage Careers assists community-based organizations and workforce practitioners that help women enter apprenticeships in non-traditional career fields.  Within the guide, you will find resources that provide effective strategies and practices used by successful pre-apprenticeship programs for women in nontraditional occupations.

Whether you are looking to establish new partnerships or help with your current recruitment and retention strategies, the Pre-Apprenticeship webpage provides resources to help facilitate and jump start some of those important conversations. Additional tools and resources can also be found within the web page by clicking on Pre-Apprenticeship Tools and Resources. For more information on Pre-Apprenticeship, please read Training and Employment Notice 13-12.


WSS in 2015: Most Popular Profiles

Calendar year 2015 was a busy one for Workforce System Strategies (WSS)! A wide range of profiles are now available, covering topics such as career pathways, sector strategies, rigorous evaluations of place-based programs, and more! As this year ends, we are highlighting the three profiles with the most online views on WSS since January 2015. We look forward to sharing more engaging studies and informative insights in 2016!

·         What Works in Job Training: A Synthesis of the Evidence

·         Broadening the Benefits of Dual Enrollment: Reaching Underachieving and Underrepresented Students with Career-Focused Programs

·         The Pathways to Prosperity Network: A State Progress Report, 2012-2014

New Year, New Employment Projections!


The Reemployment Strategies Community of Practice recently posted an overview of the new U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) employment projections, including the Internet links for all national, state and local occupational and industry projections websites that you should bookmark.  See New Employment Projections for 2024.

Inside Workforce3 One: Webinars

For dates and times of upcoming live webinars or to find recorded webinars and webcasts on other topics, visit Webinars on Workforce3 One.

Recently Archived Webinars and Podcasts:

·         Enough is Known for Action: System-Involved Youth: Understanding Trauma-Informed Practice (12-16-2015)

·         WIOA Implementation: Strategies for Effective State Teaming (12-15-15)

·         Reaching Your Home Stretch (12-15-2015)

·         Best Practices in Employment Supports & Placement for Nontraditional Occupations in the Construction Industry (12-08-2015)

·         Implementing Effective Acceleration Strategies: Competency-Based Education: A New Approach to Acceleration (12-07-2015)

·         Overview: Statistical Adjustment Model Methodology (12-02-2015)

·         Overview: Statistical Adjustment Model Methodology (12-01-2015)

·         2015 YouthBuild Webinar Series – Visualizing Data Management (12-01-2015)


Debunking the Ferguson Effect

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Debunking the Ferguson Effect, The Atlantic, Matt Ford, November 21, 2015.

Excerpt: “The Brennan Center’s report is an attempt to shed some methodological light on the debate. “These stories have been based on a patchwork of data, typically from a very small sample of cities,” the report notes. “Without geographically complete and historically comparable data, it is difficult to discern whether the increases these articles report are purely local anomalies, or are instead part of a larger national trend.” To fill these gaps, the researchers looked at homicide rates and crime rates from January 1 to October 1 from 25 of the 30 largest American cities. (Five of the cities did not provide data, the authors note.) The entire report is worth reading, but two graphs in particular stood out to me. The first one is this overview of the murder rate for those 25 largest American cities.” Continue>>


Shirley Chisholm to Receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

Posted on Nov 25 , 2015 in News

Shirley Chisholm to Receive Presidential Medal of Freedom, The Culture, November 23, 2015.

Excerpt: “President Obama will honor Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm with the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Tuesday. Chisholm was the first Black woman elected to congress in 1968.  In 1972, Chisholm became the first Black women to run for president.” Continue>>


Kentucky Governor Restores Voting Rights to Thousands of Felons

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Kentucky Governor Restores Voting Rights to Thousands of Felons, The New York Times, Erik Eckholm, November 24, 2015.

Excerpt: “Weeks before he leaves office, the governor of Kentucky on Tuesday issued an executive order that immediately granted the right to vote to about 140,000 nonviolent felons who have completed their sentences. The order by Gov. Steven L. Beshear, a Democrat, was cheered by advocates for criminal justice reform and civil rights, who said it would place Kentucky’s policy more in line with others across the nation and was consistent with a trend toward easing voting restrictions on former inmates. Kentucky had been one of just three states imposing a lifetime voting ban on felons unless they received a special exemption from the governor. Florida and Iowa still carry the lifetime ban.” Continue>>


Lawmakers Call for Investigation into Walmart Employee Dismissal

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Lawmakers Call for Investigation into Walmart Employee Dismissal, TWC News, Capital Night Staff, November 24, 2015.

Interview with Assemblyman McDonald regarding Thomas Smith who was fired from his $9 an hour job at Walmart last week for redeeming $2.00 in cans left at the store’s customer service desk. The store says the cans were their property, but Smith and supporters say his dismissal was unnecessary. Now lawmakers are calling for an investigation into the dismissal from the Department of Labor.

Click here to view the report.


Cooperstown Police Promise Treatment Not to Arrest Addicts

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Cooperstown Police Promise Treatment Not to Arrest Addicts, CBS6 Albany, November 21, 2015.

Excerpt: “Police in Cooperstown, New York are urging addicts to bring their drugs and drug paraphernalia to the police station in exchange for treatment, not arrest. Police Chief Mike Covert announced the new policy Friday on Facebook. He says it will go into effect on Thanksgiving. Covert says addicts will each be assigned an “angel” to guide them through recovery. He says a local hospital is promising that drug users who come forward will be able to receive treatment promptly.” Continue>>


The U.S. Rate of Incarcerated Women is Shockingly High, and Rising

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The U.S. Rate of Incarcerated Women is Shockingly High, and Rising, Slate, Christina Cauterucci, November 20, 2015.

Excerpt: “Though it’s home to only 5 percent of the world’s female population, the U.S. claims nearly 30 percent of the world’s women in prison. That’s according to a startling new report from the Prison Policy Initiative. West Virginia has the highest rate in the U.S.: 273 women out of every 100,000 are incarcerated there. The study points out that Illinois and El Salvador imprison women at around the same rate—88 and 87 per 100,000, respectively—even though El Salvador, which criminalizes abortion, regularly throws women in jail for having miscarriages. Even the state with the lowest incarceration rate for women—Rhode Island, at 39 women per 100,000—outpaces all but 14 countries, not including the U.S.” Continue>>