American Civil Liberties Union

View this American Civil Liberties page on the Criminal Justice System to read up on some of the issues they are working on and what you can do to help. Some of these issues include:

–Mass Incarceration

–The War on Drugs

–Capital Punishment

–Criminal Law Reform

–Solitary Confinement


The Sentencing Project

The Sentencing Project is a national organization working for a fair and effective criminal justice system by promoting reforms in sentencing law and practice, and alternatives to incarceration.

Center for Community Alternatives

The Center for Community Alternatives (CCA) is a leader in the field of community-based alternatives to incarceration.  Their mission is to promote reintegrative justice and a reduced reliance on incarceration through advocacy, services and public policy development in pursuit of civil and human rights.

Correctional Association

Founded in 1844, the Correctional Association of New York (the CA) is an independent non-profit organization that advocates for a more humane and effective criminal justice system and a more just and equitable society.

Nation Inside

Nation Inside is a community of people dedicated to changing the U.S. criminal justice system. They do this by using their collective voices to spark public dialogue about criminal justice, educate policy makers, develop strategies for safer and healthier communities.

New York Civil Liberties Union

The NYCLU fights for civil liberties and civil rights through a multi-layered program of litigation, advocacy, public education and community organizing. They represent ordinary people who have experienced injustice and have decided to fight back.

Milk Not Jails

Milk Not Jails is an economic alternative to the prison industry.  They are a dairy marketing and distribution co-operative and they are a political campaign building an alliance for a sustainable and just regional economy.

National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms

Established in October 2010, the NCPCF is a coalition of national and local organizations as well as prominent individuals, whose mission is: To educate the public about the erosion of civil and political freedoms in the society, and the abuses of prisoners within the U.S. criminal justice system especially after 9/11, and to advocate for the preservation of those freedoms and to defend those rights according to the U.S. Constitution, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its related UN Conventions, and the Geneva Conventions.

Prisoners are People Too

PRISONERS ARE PEOPLE TOO, INC. will educate the community about issues surrounding incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals with emphasis on the humanity of both the victim and the offender.

Contact your local legislators

 Albany Common Council 

The Albany Common Council represents the residents of the City of Albany as the legislative body responsible for setting the governing policies of New York State’s Capital city.  It is made up of 15 elected officials, one representing each ward, and is chaired by the Common Council President, who is elected citywide.  Its leadership includes the President Pro Tempore and Majority Leader.

Albany County Legislature 

The Albany County Legislature serves as the County’s policy-making body. The Legislature comprises 39 County Legislators who are elected to four-year terms to represent the citizens residing in a Legislative District.


*Also, check out our Get Involved page for information on local events, online petitions, and more.


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